Tatsu Do Martial Arts - Sunrise Dojo
Soke Cavalier and his Junior Students
Tatsu Do Dragon

Tatsu Do 25th Annual Tournament
Saturday, May 2, 2015
9:00am till 4:30pm (approx.)
Livonia High School
Bulldog Blvd., Livonia NY
Pre-Registration: $40 (by Sat.4/11/15)
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TATSU DO , The Way of the Dragon, was founded by Soke William R. Cavalier, Jr. in 1976. It includes:

SUNRISE DOJO was built in 1996 by Hanshi Tomas Roztocil, one of Soke Cavalier's first students. The dojo is dedicated strictly to teaching martial arts. The 2500 sq. foot facility is open 5 days a week with classes in Karate, Aiki Jutsu and Iai Jutsu and Self Defense.

Hanshi Tomas Roztocil began his formal study of martial arts under Soke Cavalier, Jr. in 1971, then still part of Goshin Jutsu Kyu Jujo, headed by Master Jerrald Durant, 10th dan.
Mr. Roztocil achieved the rank of Shodan in Goshin Jutsu on April 27, 1974.

Today, Hanshi Roztocil is Soke Cavalier's senior student and holds an 8th Degree in Karate and Kobudo, 6th Degree in Aiki Jutsu and a rank of Senior Master in Iai Jutsu. He continues to study martial arts and teaches at the Sunrise Dojo 5 days/week.
Soke William R. Cavalier, Jr.
Soke William R. Cavalier, Jr.,
the Head Instructor, is a 10th Dan and the founder of TATSU DO.